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Why is the nutritional rice processing line so popular?

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The nutritional rice processing line adopts advanced production and processing technology in the industry. Rice flour, flour, rich in nutrients, green and healthy but not easy to process, bad taste, difficult to digest miscellaneous grains are single or multiple raw materials, without adding or adding nutrients in a flexible way, through advanced processing, the production is the same as ordinary rice Various artificial compound rice with cooking performance and cooking method (unique flavor).

nutritional rice processing line


The main feature of recycled rice production equipment is to use recycled rice flour to extrude and regenerate. Its advantage is that various nutrients needed by the human body are added to the extruded and regenerated rice, and the balanced nutrition of the human body is adjusted. The products are easy to eat, full of nutrients, good taste, convenient to store, and are welcomed by consumers and manufacturers.


Renewable nutritional rice processing line: Grain is one of the main sources of energy for mankind, but the nutrient content of ordinary grains is different. Due to the loss of a large amount of nutrient protein and trace elements during the processing, the nutrient content is greatly reduced. The extrusion principle of Rebirth Beauty (simulated food) technology has made a breakthrough in strengthening the regenerated nutrition of food, making it possible to strengthen food micronutrients.


Rice for bamboo: It has good speed regulation.


Tea rice: the combination of tea culture and rice culture.


Reconstituted rice with fortified rice: You can usually cook in a variety of ways like rice, and strengthen various nutrients as needed.


Millet reinvents: the time for cooking porridge will be greatly shortened, and various nutrients can be added.


Miscellaneous grain rice: a model of the nutrition of miscellaneous grains, the taste of rice, and the fine eating of miscellaneous grains.


The green, flexible operation, production, failure rate, and low investment of the nutrient beauty and regeneration beauty nutritional rice processing line is a good choice for nutritious food, green food, special food, and market-oriented development.

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