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What is the operation specification of layers food drying machine

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Layers food drying machine will have some problems in the process of application. Once the problems are presented, they need to be dealt with in time. The food dryer needs to be repaired in time after the problems are presented, but layers food drying machine has certain maintenance specifications during the maintenance. Next, the Meiteng machine editor will introduce you the operation specification of layers food drying machine?


1. the food dryer can resist overload, and it has large disposal volume, low fuel consumption and low cost.

2. the food dryer has completed "zero degree thrust", greatly reducing the wear of the retaining wheel, and the cylinder is running stably and firmly.

3. the food dryer adopts the "centering type idler installation", which makes the matching between the supporting wheel and the roller ring always in linear contact, thus greatly reducing the wear and power loss.

4. the dry equipment can control the product size and moisture according to the user's request. When drying coal slime, the product moisture can reach below 8%, and the particle size can be controlled below 8mm.

5. the food dryer can change the operation parameters according to different material properties, so that the material can form a stable full break fabric screen in the dryer cylinder, and the quality and heat exchange is more abundant.

6. the new feeding and discharging installation of the boring equipment, the feeding infarct, discontinuity, uneven and return of the root drum boring machine, etc., reduce the load of the dust removal system.

7. the new internal structure of the boring machine strengthens the cleaning and heat conduction of the dispersed materials, eliminates the sticking phenomenon of the inner wall of the cylinder, and has stronger compliance with the moisture and viscosity of the material.

8. the Layers food drying machine adopts the reverse flow dry way. The flue gas and wet materials enter the boring equipment from the same side, which can obtain high evaporation intensity by using high temperature flue gas, low temperature of dryer and high thermal efficiency.

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