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What are the characteristics of Double-screw food extruder

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Double-screw food extruder is mainly used to make puffed food. It is developed on the basis of single screw extruder. In the barrel of a twin-screw extruder, two screws are placed side by side, so it is called a twin-screw extruder. The editor of Meiteng Machinery Manufacturer will share with you what are the characteristics of Double-screw food extruder?

1. The snack puffing machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, high degree of automation and stable performance.

2. The screw is made of alloy steel and special technology, which is durable, high pressure and longer screw life. Adopting a building block structure, it can be combined arbitrarily according to different needs.

3. Forced lubrication system to ensure longer transmission life of the equipment.

4. The automatic temperature control system makes the temperature control more intuitive and the parameters more accurate.

5. Self-cleaning, it can be cleaned without disassembly when the machine is stopped.

6. According to different screw design rates to meet different process requirements.

7. This equipment has a wide range of materials, many product shapes and flexible collocation.

The emergence of the Double-screw food extruder replaced the traditional single-screw extruder with low efficiency and cumbersome operation. Has quickly become a mainstream product in the extruder market. Through a twin-screw extruder, raw materials such as rice, corn, soybeans, and wheat in daily life are extruded, and then formed into triangles, circles, hexagons and cartoons by rolling or stamping. Later, various flavors can be produced by frying, baking or seasoning.

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