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What are the advantages of Double-screw food extruder?

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Double-screw food extruder makes full use of the characteristics of raw and auxiliary materials to produce healthy, nutritious and suitable puffed food for different people in the deep processing of cereal starch, which is conducive to the production of food industry. Next, the United States Teng mechanical small ribbon everyone to understand the advantages of the next twin-screw extruder.


Advantages of twin screw extruder:

1. Double-screw food extruder adopts side feeding technology, which improves the integrity of materials and greatly improves the output. The position and shape of the feeding port also have a great influence on the feeding efficiency. Under the same parameters, the feed area increases and the output increases. Under the same entrance area, rectangular section has higher feeding efficiency than circular section. The use of side twin screw feed is also based on this consideration.

2. Twin screw extruder has strong self-cleaning ability. Because the two thread sleeves are intertwined, the contact part forms a continuous space curve with uniform clearance. With the synchronous rotation of the two, the space curve moves, forming the automatic control effect between the screws. At the same time, the glue on the surface of the thread is removed to ensure that there is no residual material.

3. Kneading blocks can mix materials internally. Increasing the number of kneading blocks in twin-screw extruder can increase kneading times and improve kneading quality. With the increase of pressure in the kneading area, the kneading resistance increases, the kneading strength increases, and the kneading quality is obviously improved.

Double screw extruder

4. The international advanced co rotating twin-screw machine realizes equal clearance engagement, greatly improves the self-made performance and processing ability of screw, and widens its application field.

5. Double-screw food extruder has strong adaptability. For high viscosity materials, low shear rate processing with shallow groove screw can be used. For materials with high shear rate or high screw speed, deep groove screw is more suitable for improving extrusion quality and output.

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