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The role of pet food equipment

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Pet snacks use a variety of raw materials. From the perspective of palatability, most snacks use fish and poultry as snack raw materials. The raw materials for dog chewing and other chewing are mainly animal skins, plants, etc.; and most products to eliminate bad breath are made into small biscuits, and the raw materials are mainly fruits and vegetables. This means that in the processing stage of pet snack raw materials, corresponding Pet food equipment and food should be equipped. The equipment is processed according to the different raw materials. Take the chewing of animal skin as an example. Animal skin needs to be depilated and pelletized in the early stages of production. As a flexible material, animal skin needs the sharpness of the pelletizer cutter, and it needs to be checked and replaced regularly.

Aquatic Feed Production Line

Pet snacks with meat as the main raw material are usually prepared by baking, freeze-drying, steaming and other different methods. Baking equipment has a certain adjustment effect on temperature and duration. By controlling these conditions, pet snacks with different softness and hardness can be produced, and the palatability of the snacks can be adjusted. The vacuum freeze-drying technology can retain the original nutrition of the food in the drying equipment, and the pet snacks produced in this way have more nutritional value. In addition, baking and freeze-drying will remove the moisture in the ingredients, so in the subsequent packaging process, vacuum packaging machines and modified atmosphere packaging machines can be used for packaging. The production method of canned snacks usually uses cooking utensils to process food, and the produced canned products need to be sterilized at high temperature to ensure that the food quality is qualified.

Chewing pet snacks focuses on teeth grinding and rubbing products such as animal skin particles, plant particles, and other products such as gelatin. At present, there are various kneading models on the market, including vacuum type, screw extrusion type, rubber type kneader and so on. In the production process, the chewing machine needs to go through four different temperature stages in the kneader: heating and softening, constant high temperature gelation, high temperature sterilization, and cooling and stabilization. At present, when producing kneaders, food machinery and equipment manufacturers can be equipped with different heating methods according to customer needs: electric heating, steam heating, circulating hot oil heating, etc.

The biscuits that eliminate bad breath mainly use the friction between the biscuits and the teeth to remove tartar in the pet's mouth, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning teeth and removing bad breath. At present, the Pet food equipment fully automatic biscuit production line on the market can realize fully automated operations from feeding, molding, baking to oil injection and cooling, and the equipped biscuit forming machine uses frequency conversion control, which is convenient for operation and changing the shape of the biscuit. In the baking stage, the use of low-temperature baking technology can achieve the effects of sterilization and maturation at the same time, and avoid the scorching phenomenon of the finished biscuit due to multiple high-temperature operations.

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