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Solution of reducing vibration during drying of food drying machine​

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Mesh belt heat pump food drying machine is a continuous production mechanical equipment for batch processing and drying. Under the action of induced draft fan, the outside fresh air directly exchanges heat with the dry hot air through the air inlet and heater, and then transported with mesh belt. After heat exchange, the materials are gradually dried by evaporation of water under the action of dry and hot air, and the water vapor is discharged from the wet hole, so as to achieve the purpose of drying. As the evaporation of water in the material needs to absorb and consume heat energy, the exhaust temperature of the dryer increases gradually with the decrease of water in the material.


Through the mutual cooperation of belt, transmission block, motor, second pulley, steering and connecting plate, food drying machine changes the problem that materials are easy to mildew in the process of treating internal water. The blower, dust cover, connecting pipe and filter cooperate with each other to quickly remove the evaporated water, which will inevitably produce vibration.

food drying machine solution to reduce vibration during drying:

Firstly, the food drying machine can consider using damping device and damping shock absorber to consume vibration energy through the damping of viscous oil in the damping sleeve and damping gap. In addition, the dynamic damper can be attached to the vibration system to offset the force of the elastic element on the system with the excitation force of the system, so as to reduce the oscillation and increase the drying area of the food dryer.

The material board will copy and spread the materials, increase the air flow on the material contact surface, improve the drying speed and promote the progress of materials, which will directly affect the drying effect of food drying machine. Some materials with high water content need heating and bending process in order to achieve a certain appearance effect. Generally, open fire heating is not used, but high-temperature steam heating, steam heating and bending are used to ensure the forming effect of dried materials. The principle of material steam heating and setting is actually very simple. It is mainly to soften it under the action of the mold to change it into the curve shape required by the design, and then dry and set it.

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