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Purple Potato Konjac e Grain Rice Production Line


Product Description

Purple potato konjac new artificial rice coarse grain rice production line
Product Overview
Main characteristics
Rice refers to starch raw materials added with various nutrient fortification substances, artificially granulated, gelatinized, and dried to make granules similar to natural rice. Artificial rice is mixed with rice in a ratio of 1:200 to 300, so that the nutritional value of the rice cooked by the mixed rice is significantly better than that of ordinary rice.
Artificial rice Made by drying. Artificial rice is low in production cost, easy to process, good quality, low starch content, rich in nutrition, smooth and beautiful appearance, diversified colors, good bonding performance, soft taste, not easy to age, and can be eaten directly or can be used. People process and eat according to the characteristics of rice

Food production equipment required by modern enterprises. The production equipment adapts to the general situation of people's intensive dietary treatment in modern society, meets people's requirements for balanced nutrition, and avoids the characteristics of large investment in foreign equipment and high operating costs. At the same time, it has the advantages of high automation and energy saving. The production line can use various grains such as rice, millet, black rice, buckwheat, etc. as raw materials, add
various vitamins, proteins and minerals for processing, squeeze, mature and shape in an extruder to regenerate new enhanced nutrition Rice, its eating method is the same as that of natural rice, and it is simpler and more convenient, nutritious and more adaptable to the modern rhythm of life
Process flow: raw material preparation→powder mixing—→screw conveyor—→extrusion maturation
granulation—→air conveyor—drying—Hoister--Cooling machine
Installed Power
Power consumption
Product Details
Mixer flour
Function:Used for mixing raw materials Make water and powder raw materials, additives, etc. stir evenly.
Technical Parameter:
Power: 4kw 7.5kw 15kw
Capacity: 20-30kg/time 70-80kg/time 170-180kg/time
Dimension: 1000x900x1300mm 1300*1200*1500mm
Voltage: 380V 50HZ Three Phase Standard Stainless steel is: 201 S.S. 304 S.S.
Double-screw extruder
Twin-screw main engine structure: feeding hopper, control cabinet main motor, feeding motor, oil pump, feeding frequency conversion, spindle frequency conversion, reducer, distribution box, shelf, cable plate, screw, barrel, heating ring, flange, Die Head body, mold, etc.
Screw material: 38 screw molybdenum aluminum
Cylinder material: 45# steel
Shelf: carbon steel
Outer sealing plate: stainless steel 201 or 304
Main motor: 22kw, 30kw, 45kw, etc.
Screw length: 1050MM, 1520MM, 1699MM
Dryer machine
Multi-layer oven: the oven is mostly electric oven, the temperature is between 0-200 degrees and the temperature is adjusted by the control cabinet, the inside is stainless steel double-layer mesh bag, the baking time can be adjusted according to the speed
The oven is divided into fuel oil, gas and electric, customers can choose according to their own country's energy convenience
The oven is divided into 3 layers of 5 meters, 5 layers of 5 meters, 5 layers of 7 meters, 7 layers of 10 meters, and 5 layers of 12 meters. This is determined according to the output of the product requested by the customer and the degree of dryness and wetness required by the product.
Power(KW): 1.09kw
Dimension(m): 10.0×0.7×0.8m
After drying with hot temperature ,so we need cooling again before go pack to avoid Secondary get damp
1. Testing Machine before package.
2. Packaging: inside is covered in plastic film, outside is wooden case.
3. Shipping: 15-35 working days after receiving deposit.
4. The pictures of our packaging logistics for your reference.
Company information
Our company is Jinan Meiteng mechanical equipment Co., Ltd., located in Jinan City, Shandong Province, China. Since 2014, we have been engaged in twin-screw and single screw food expansion machinery enterprises. Our company focuses on R & D, production and sales of various expansion machinery and equipment. Our company has a professional team engaged in this industry for decades. We not only do our best in the research of extrusion technology, but also try our best to continuously explore the food technology, so that our customers can produce market-leading food. We rely on the excellent quality of machinery and equipment, perfect technical service and good reputation, won the trust and support of the majority of buyers at home and abroad. Our products
include: puffed food production line equipment, Corn Flake breakfast grain production line equipment, rice production line equipment, modified starch, nutrition powder production line equipment, puffed bread bran equipment, fried food equipment, pet feed equipment, instant noodles production line, etc. Our equipment is exported to many countries (such as South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, India, Myanmar, Zimbabwe, UK, Italy, Brazil, etc.). In order to common development,
we Anhui constantly update technology, improve equipment quality, improve technical services to meet the higher needs of customers.
Since 2014, our company has successively participated in the domestic Canton Fair, Shanghai Baking Exhibition, Henan Luohe exhibition, sugar and wine fair, as well as exhibitions in some foreign countries (such as Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia, India, Egypt, etc.). Before the exhibition, we will prepare our company's sample books and business cards, and also collect the best-selling samples for new and old customers to choose. At the exhibition, we will also run our machines and show them to new and old customers.
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We can support the electronic edition certificates for export if you need, or you can see the original documents in our factory. We can ensure the truth form our government.
Our Services
a. We can keep product design in the same level with internationally advanced technology consistently.
b. We have high diathesis staff and excellent processing equipment, and quality control runs through the whole production process from parts stock to the beginning of production.
c. We can guarantee customers superior quality machines up to design requirements and perfect working state.
d. Our technicians can also provide all kinds of relevant technology to make the food production clean, healthy and safe.
e. We will dispatch our technicians to your factory to guide you installation and commissioning work and training your operator.
f. We provide 1 year complete Guarantee and life-time maintenance service.
Q: Are you a trade company or a manufacturer?
A: we are a manufacturer, welcome to visit our factory and check the machines.
Q:How long is your delivery time?
A: Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 20-35 days if the goods are not
in stock, we could discuss before contract.
Q: Could you supply all the parameters about the machines?
A: Yes, we will supply all the parameters, price, layout drawing, factory design etc.
Q: What is your terms of payment ?
A: 30% T/T in advance , 70% balance before shippment after inspection.
Q: How about the after-service?
A: We will send 1 engineer to the buyer's factory for 7-14 days period installation and training to the operators.
Q:do you supply any formula to buyer?
A: yes, we supply formulas to buyer.

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