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Production process of Corn Flake equipment

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Corn Flake is a kind of fragile food, which is a kind of nutritional convenience food with grain as the basic raw material and processed by Corn Flake equipment. Its outstanding feature is rich in complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber. At the same time, corn flakes breakfast cereals can strengthen many trace elements, such as vitamins and minerals, and can add cocoa and sugar, such as honey, maltose and so on. Add coffee, milk, yogurt or functional drinks, you can eat directly. Children can also eat breakfast cereal as a sweet and crisp snack. Let's take a look at the production process of Corn Flake equipment!


1) Ingredients: the ingredients of corn flakes are very important. Seasoning should ensure good taste, especially the requirements for corn raw materials, which is directly related to whether high-quality corn flake products can be made, as well as the proportion and content of various nutrients.

2) Extrusion curing molding: the extrusion curing molding process of corn flakes is the key to produce high quality corn flakes. The technological corn on the Corn Flake equipment must be fully cooked without any expansion. Only in this way can the Corn Flake be made dense, hard and crisp, with outstanding flavor.

3) Cutting: the twin-screw extruder is used to cut the matured materials into granular materials with the same size, and the materials are translucent.

4) Pre drying: the cut materials enter the dryer for pre drying. After drying, a certain tension is formed on the surface, which is no longer adhered to each other, which is conducive to the smooth progress of tablet pressing.

5) Tabletting: the tabletting process is also the key to the production of corn flakes. The requirements for the tabletting machine are very high. The surface of the roll must have a high degree of finish, and the roll must be constant temperature.

6) High temperature baking: whether the corn flake product has a hard, crisp, dense structure, outstanding unique flavor of corn, baking technology is very important.

7) The baked cornflakes are the products of cornflakes after cooling. Nowadays, many cornflakes are processed in the post process, such as sugar, salt or chocolate. Most of them are determined according to the market demand.

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