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Precautions for pet food equipment when configuring feed

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With the continuous increase in the types of pet food and aquatic feed, various pets are different between adults and young, and the requirements for food are also increasing. According to this market demand, the company has researched and developed a variety of pet food production lines and aquatic feed production lines. Depending on the output, the production line also has a variety of configurations. Today, let me introduce to you what are the precautions for pet food equipment when configuring feed.


        1.No single feed can meet the nutritional needs of pets. Therefore, when formulating feed, the more types of feed, the better.

2. Before preparing feed, the raw materials must be crushed, but not too fine. When preparing, be sure to stir evenly.

3. protein is indispensable in feed, and improving the utilization rate of protein is also a matter that feed mills should focus on.

4. do not mix too much at once, otherwise the feed cannot be kept fresh. In particular, some vitamins are easily oxidized and become invalid after being left for too long after being mixed. It is advisable to prepare the material once a week. Moldy and deteriorating raw materials cannot be used

5. The ingredients in the formula with a small proportion, such as vitamin additives, trace element additives and drugs, must be mixed with a small amount of feed first, and mixed with a large amount of feed after mixing from a few to more times.

The above are the precautions when configuring the feed. For more knowledge about pet food equipment, please contact us.

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