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Installation and debugging method of corn flakes equipment

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Corn flakes are a new type of fast food, long storage time, easy to carry, not only can be eaten directly, but also can be processed into other foods. The corn flakes equipment for producing corn flakes has high production efficiency, which brings great convenience to people. So what is the way to install and debug the corn flake equipment? The following editor will introduce to you.


1. Use square wood or channel steel to make a rectangular base according to the size of the corn flake equipment and motor foot hole, fix the corn flake equipment and motor on the base, hang the triangle belt and tighten it (B-belt).

2. Move the nozzle down before use, apply some cooking oil on the inner thread of the nozzle and the screw head, tighten the nozzle again, tighten the front flange, and mix the rear flange evenly.

3. Prepare 2 taels of wet corn (soaked for 5 minutes) before starting the machine.

      4. Start idling for half a minute. If there is no abnormal sound, put the wet corn into the machine one by one. When the popcorn can be crushed by hand, it can be replaced with dry corn, and the amount of cutting is gradually increased. Under normal circumstances, 20-30 kg of corn can be expanded per hour.

5. If the material is reversed, it is because the material is cut too quickly, and the temperature of the nozzle is not 120 degrees, and the material should be stopped at this time. Idling will continue when the nozzle re-sprays. If the nozzle still fails to bloom after 5 minutes, the nozzle should be re-twisted immediately, and then shut down, unload the screw rod to clean the remaining material and continue to use after installation.

The above is about the installation and debugging of the corn flakes equipment, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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