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Heating method of Snacks oil fryer

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Snacks oil fryer refers to kitchen equipment that uses edible oil as the main raw material to fry and cook food. It has the characteristics of novel style, reasonable structure, simple operation, fast heating speed and easy cleaning. It is a kitchen equipment widely used in fast food restaurants, hotels and catering places. Next, Meiteng machinery editor will share with you the heating method of snacks oil fryer.


1. Circulating heating of oil storage tank. That is, the pot body and oil tank are provided with interlayer for steam heating. The heated oil pump in the oil tank is circulated into the boiler to alleviate the insufficient heat provided by steam interlayer heating.

2. Steam heating. Using steam as heating medium is more suitable for a certain scale of industrial production. The heater can be spiral coil or sandwich. At present, this type of equipment generally adopts sandwich heating. The structure of the interlayer is relatively simple, and the interlayer can strengthen the pot body. The advantage of this method is that the heat supply is sufficient, especially the oil temperature decreases greatly after feeding. At this time, increasing the steam supply can meet the heat demand of production.

3. Electric heating. That is, a certain number of heating pipes are arranged at the bottom or side of the fryer equipment, which are immersed in the oil and directly heat the oil. The advantages of this method are uniform heating, high thermal efficiency and small heat loss; Using electricity as the heat source saves the boiler and boiler room and other supporting facilities in the production process.

The above are several ways of Snacks oil fryer heating. The machine is equipped with advanced automatic temperature control device. The oil temperature is arbitrarily adjusted between normal temperature and 230 degrees. After the temperature is selected according to the explosives, the heating on-off condition is automatically controlled to maintain the constant temperature, which not only reduces the energy consumption, but also operates simply and quickly, improves the work efficiency, and is welcomed by users.

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