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Food drying equipment has become an indispensable technology for modern processing!

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Food drying equipment is also called mesh belt drying equipment. It distributes the materials to be processed on the conveyor belt through appropriate spreading mechanisms, such as star distributors, swing belts, shredders or granulators. The conveyor belt passes through a channel composed of one or several heating units. Each heating unit is equipped with an air heating and circulation system. Each channel has one or several dehumidification systems. When the conveyor belt passes, the hot air flows from top to bottom. Or pass the material on the conveyor belt from bottom to top, so that the material can be evenly dried.


This machine can be used in conjunction with other equipment or used alone. This equipment can be widely used in metallurgy, building materials, ceramics, fertilizer, chemical and other industries, and the food dryer is also an ideal equipment for drying and processing food and vegetables.

Food microwave dryer is a kind of dryer equipment, and it is also a microwave equipment that has been widely used in recent years. Food microwave dryer is a new type of environmental protection equipment, using electric energy as energy source, not only can optimize the production efficiency of enterprises, reduce production costs, but also improve the working environment of the workshop. It is the right choice for enterprises to upgrade equipment and build new production lines. Choosing processing equipment can improve product quality and sales.

Mainly have the following advantages:

1. The microwave electronic accessories used in the microwave generation system are all high-quality original components with high performance, high reliability, and long life.

2. Industrial microwave drying equipment is fed from the top of the microwave heater with multiple pipes and multiple feed ports, and the heating uniformity can be within ±2% (tested on the horizontal side of the conveyor belt).

3. The microwave output power should be realistic and fair, to ensure that the output target is reached. Microwaves are generally quoted in terms of power (the difference between input and output is more than 1.5 times).

4. Adopt all stainless steel structure: the equipment has beautiful appearance, no deformation, no exposed rivets, no dead corners, easy to clean, and meets GMP certification requirements.

5. Control: There is a separate console, which can be controlled randomly, and can detect magnetron, transformer and temperature in real time, and the operation is extremely convenient.

The food dryer is a drying device that uses steel mesh as a conveyor belt to carry materials for continuous drying, and is suitable for streamlined operations. Because the conveyor belt is mesh, it is suitable for drying regular or irregular lumps (such as coal, various mineral powders, food, vegetables, etc.). From the perspective of sales volume, Food drying equipment  has become an indispensable technology for modern processing! It is deeply loved by consumers!

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