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Edible straw making machine

Introduction: Rice straw is made from rice and cassava (cassava is the raw material for making pearls in pearl milk tea, which makes the straw strong and tough, and the surface is smoother). Its appearance is the same as that of ordinary plastic straws.

Product Description

Full automatic Multifunction Edible making cut rice straw  machine for sale

Product Overview

1.Introduction: Rice straw is made from rice and cassava (cassava is the raw material for making pearls in pearl milk tea, which makes the straw strong and tough, and the surface is smoother). Its appearance is the same as that of ordinary plastic straws. The surface of rice straws is smooth and firm and tough. Compared with ordinary plastic straws, rice straws can be eaten directly, and the taste is crunchy. It is also possible to adjust the raw materials and make straws of different colors. The rice straw can keep well in hot drinks for 2 to 3 hours, while in cold drinks it can last for a longer period of 5 to 10 hours. And the rice straw can be completely degraded, it is more friendly to the ecological environment, and can be used as a substitute for plastic straws. it does not pollute the environment like plastic straws, and also meets the requirements of multinational regulations. Compared with plastic straws, rice straws have the following characteristics: a.can be completely degraded b.b. can be used for green composting c.no plastic components d.suitable for cold drinks and hot drinks e. can be eaten directly.

2, raw materials: mainly rice, tapioca powder, etc., can also add different raw materials to make colored rice straw。
3, products: rice straws, colored rice straws, round, square, triangle straw etc.

edible straw processing line

Right elevation

edible straw processing line

Left elevation

edible straw processing line

Front elevation

edible straw processing line

Flour Mixer

Technical Parameter: Power: 4kw
Capacity: 20-30kg/tie
Dimension: 1050*750*1300mm
Function: This machine is used to mix the raw material.

edible straw processing line

MT-100 Single Screw Extruder machine
3000 x 1500 x 1800mm Function: This machine can be used to extrude the raw material to different shape of food.The Single-screw extruder is made of
the feeding system, extruding system, cutting system, heating system, transmission system, Vacuum Pump system, Cooling system and
controlling system.

edible straw processing line

Dryer machine

Voltage : 380V, 50Hz
Dimension :10000X1300X2600mm

The oven is used to dry the products. The moister in the food which come out of the extruder is about 30-35%. With the dry of the
dryer, the moister can get down below 16%and this is easy to be storage for long time.

Product Speciflcations

Installed Power
Power Consumption

Main Features

(1) High work efficiency, automation degree.
(2) Low land occupation, power consumption, labor cost, waste rate.
(3) Various configurations and capacity choices.
(4) Various finished products sizes.
(5) Production factors can be quantified and controlled.
(6) World-class food grade fittings.
(7) All machines and fittings can be custom-made.
(8) Professional pre-sale, sale and after-sale service.

(9) Equipped with inverters to control speed.


Q1: What is your payment term?
A1: 30% T/T as down payment, 70% balance paid before shipping. Or Irrevocable L/C at sight.
Q2: What is your warranty for machinery?
A2: Our warranty is 24 months, life time service.
Q3: Can you arrange shipment?
A3: Yes,we can arrange the shipment for customer according to our customers’ requirements.
Q4: Do you provide installation and commissioning?
A4: Yes, we provide service to send technicians for machine installation and commissioning, machine running and local team training.
Q5: Do you provide formula for machine?
A5: Yes, we provide the formula.we can help adjust the formula according to customer's local taste if customer require.
Q6: Do you make customized machine?
A6: Yes, we provide machine custom service according to customer's requirements. We also provide turnkey solution if customer require.

edible straw processing line

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