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Analysis of Process Configuration of Corn flakes processing line

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Corn flakes are a common cereal snack food in the world. At present, the corn flakes processing line in my country include light corn flakes, but corn flakes and salted corn flakes. The light corn flakes are tan. Dan corn flakes are yellowish brown, and salted corn flakes are yellow. Corn flakes are crisp foods with good restorability, the surface does not rot, the taste is smooth, and the grain has a strong flavor. The main raw materials are mixed raw materials of sugar, various vitamins and minerals, and after adding a certain amount of water, the dough is fully kneaded and matured, and it can be made into thin slices of molding, embossing, and baking seasoning.

corn flakes processing line


Breakfast cereal corn flakes are convenient, nutritious and relatively balanced foods, quickly entering thousands of households. In modern processing, after adding water in an extruder, the corn flour mixture is fully kneaded, steamed, and chopped to form a shape. Corn flakes are nutritious and balanced. They are unavailable cereal breakfast foods. They are usually eaten with milk.


After more than 100 years of production and practice, the corn flakes processing line has been continuously improved, the automation level has increased, and the process has not changed, but the production process has undergone great changes. The raw material is changed from the initial corn kernels to corn flour. The cooking method is continuously carried out by using a twin-screw extruder, and the granulation is finally completed by the extruder. After drying beforehand, the product is formed by killing to make the product more uniform and taste better. . High baking temperature can highlight the flavor of the product. Industrialized equipment and assembly lines have formed the following modern corn flakes production process.


Raw material preparation bibimbap conveyor squeeze expansion conveyor pressure conveyor drying (packaging)


Corn flakes processing line Process configuration:

1. Sprayer: Put corn flour or corn dregs into nutritional additives, and mix a certain proportion of water evenly.

2. Business machine: transport the mixed raw materials to the salary of the expander.

3. Expander: The raw material in the refueling enters the extrusion system to produce small spherical particles.

4. Vibrating body: Disperse particles so that they do not overlap after entering the press.

5. Blower: transfer the particles to the plate press.

6. Flat press: crush small spherical particles to thin corn flakes.

7. Blower: The corn flakes are sent to the oven.

8. Multi-layer oven: most of the oven is an electronic oven, the temperature is adjusted by the control box between 0 degrees and 200 degrees, the inside is a stainless steel double-layer mesh bag, and the baking time can be adjusted according to the speed to remove moisture.

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